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Free Online Bingo Games

Not many people know the history of Bingo or where it came from. One of the origins was a game called “Beano” in the United States. This game was played at county fairs around the country and involved a dealer who would select a set of numbered discs from a cigar box. Player who wanted to bet, placed beans on the cards they bet would be drawn and in the end yelled “Beano” if they won.

The popularity of the game of “Beano” grew into what we know as Bingo today. Bingo halls quickly cropped up all around the world and were enjoyed by both the old and the young. But as time moved on, it was inevitable that this type of game with its immense popularity would move to the online space. And so it did.

Along with this move came free online Bingo, the ability to play Bingo online with fake money simply for the enjoyment of the game rather than any form of monetary reward. Free Online Bingo quickly took off and now most online Bingo halls offer a free to play option that allows you to enjoy the game without depositing any money.

Types of Online Bingo Games

Over the years of Bingo being played, it has been changed and adapted to fit many different types of players. This has resulted in many different types of free online Bingo games being created. This is potentially good for any players looking to play free Bingo online as it offers a greater amount of choice and a higher chance of finding the exact game that will entertain you in the manner you hoped.

Of course these variations of free online Bingo have been refined over the years to produce only the most appealing games for players to choose from and the most common of these boil down to 3 choices – 90, 80 and 75 ball Bingo. 90 Ball Bingo offers 15 numbers on the card laid out in 3 rows of 5. 80 Ball Bingo offers 16 numbers in 4 rows of 4, while the last 75 Ball Bingo offers 24 numbers in total positioned in a square surrounding a star.


All free online Bingo sites mimic real money Bingo halls. This means what you find playing for real money, you can find playing for free. Essentially the only difference is whether the money you are playing with is fake or real.

So the first step is to find the free online Bingo site that wish to play at and sign up. Once registration is done, choose the free to play option or demo and get playing your favourite free online Bingo games.

You can buy tickets in the same manner you do with real money accounts, the only difference is that you are buying these tickets with fake money. This allows you to buy as many tickets as you want and some Bingo halls allow purchases of up to 48 tickets per game. Free online bingo games are a great way to become acquainted with the game and offer hours of fun and entertainment with no risk attached.